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Adsense on Top

Adsense on Top is an extension for Adsense Optimizer. It allows to insert Ads at the outer margins of the page. Click rates are rather high for these ads, ao you should consider using this space for monetizing your blog.


You have to design a visual ad-type first in Adsenseoptimizer. After setting colors and size in Adsenseoptimizer Settings, go to Adsense on Top Settings. Here you can set following options:

- Top: vertical margin will add a space above the ad.
- Bottom: no settings necessary ! The adsense block will be centered.
- Right: horizontal margin will ad space right of adsense block, vertical margin above the adsense block.
- Left: horizontal margin will ad space left of adsense block, vertical margin above the adsense block.

Keep in mind, that users with different resolutions will visit your blog and that a smaller browser window / resolution might cause, that the adsense ad hides parts of your blog. 99,9% of internet users have at least 1024px resolution. So you should check the blog with a browser window of around 1000px width.


Linkblock on Top. Background same as Adsense ad. Vertical margin = 0.


Skyscraper on right side with 10px horizontal and 60px vertical margin.



Adsenseoptimzer functionality is used for setting the style and size of the ad. Also adcode generation is done by Adsenseoptimizer. So it is also checked if you brake the Google TOC by adding more than 3 Ads / Linkblocks. If you already have 3 Adblocks, all further Adblocks are omitted. This only works if you use Adsenseoptimizer for all of your Adsense Ads on your page.