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Adsenseoptimizer automatically ads Google Adsense Ads to your wordpress blog. Here are just a few reasons why Adsenseoptimizer is the best Adsense Plugin available:

and many more....


If you get an array_key warning (like: Warning: array_keys() [function.array-keys]: The first argument should be an array in /..../adsenseoptimizer.php on line 17). You try to insert an ad, that has no size specified. This can have different reasons, so please check following things:

  • Open the Settings Page of Adsenseoptimizer at least once and press save.
  • If you use Adsense on Top also open this Settings Page (different page !!) and press save to save standard settings !!!
  • if you use an ad, you have to choose at least one size for this ad type. also check the ad-types you use in widgets and in adsense on top !!
  • That's it. I will remove that in Version 3.1!

    11/2010: Since 19.Nov. Adsense Ads are not working with Safari Browsers. At the Moment it is not clear where the problem is. This is not an Adsenseoptimizer Bug !!!! Neither Google nor Mac made an official statement.

    The Adsenseoptimizer Plugin for Wordpress offers completely automated insertion of Google Adsense Ads into your Wordpress Blog. By activating this Plugin you can insert Google AdSense into all of your Posts, no matter if you have 5 or 5000. Google Adsense Ads are inserted into songle Posts and into Multiple Posts. You can exactly define where and when to Show which Kind of Google Adsense Ads. So it is easy to earn money with Adsense just by installing one Wordpress Plugin and activating the Google Adsense Insertion. You can ad normal Google Adsense Text Ads or Google Adsense Linkblocks. Colors are fully custimzeable and so an. Just give the Wordpress Plugin Adsenseoptimizer a try, or also try the Adsense On Top Plugin, where you can ad Google Adsense Ads on the outer edges of your Blog. Have fun, get rich...