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What do i need to get rich



You have to make your settings in the "Settings / Adsenseoptimizer" Menu of your blogs admin panel!!

general Settings

publisher ID: You find your publisher ID when you login at google adsense on the upper right corner of the screen. Just enter the 16 numbers not the preceding “pub-”

Channel: optional. You can define an google channel for all of your ads made by adsenseoptimizer. You can create channels and see the ID under Adsense Setup / Channels in your Adsense Admin Panel.

Donate: You can donate ad space for further plugin development.

Overrule 3 Ads count: Adsenseoptimizer automatically checks if you try to ad more than 3 ads/linkblocks. If you already added 3 all further ads will be omitted. This function doesnt work with some Themes. One is the "Mystique" Theme. Just have a look in the Source Code of the page. If you find the message "tried to add more than 3 ads per page" even if there are definitely not 3 adds on your page visible then click this checkbox. All Ads will be added to the page source code. Google nevertheless only will deliver a maximum of 3 Ads and 3 Linkblocks.

Usertype: Here you define, if you just want to add some google ads quickly, or you want all options aavailable. This is made to keep the optionspage simple for users, that like it quick and simple. Here i only describe basic settings, at the end of the page you find an description of the optimizer settings.

Adjust your Ads (blue part)

Here you define up to 8 visual types of ads. Adjust possible sizes, colors, and so on. Beside the Button you can write a short description of the type to get better overview.

If you select more than one size, a random size of your selection will be chosen.

Where to Show Ads (yellow part)

Now you define where your ads will be injected.

single Posts and static pages

On single Pages (full View of ONE post or static page) up to 3 ads and 3 linkblocks can be injected into the content. (It's not suggested to put that many ads into the post. Better use ads in other parts (sidebar etc.)) For every ad you define the visual type and position settings.

Insertion is intelligent, so no html tags are broken.

If you want to use more ads for longer posts you can define the number of characters, that are necessary to trigger the insertion. More than 5000 chars are rather long posts. With the debug function (see below) you can see the length of an post to get a feeling for that.

multiple Posts

On pages with more posts (homepage, archives etc.) the insertion works different. Ads are added between Posts, either in center or right/left with the following Posts beside. Plugins adding ads to every post produce ugly pages and break the google policy of max 3 ads per page.

Now watch the money getting more... ;-)

additional functions when using "optimizer" usertype

These functions appear when you choose the "optimizer" as your usertype. Please note, that when change back to basic type, your optimizer settings will be kept, but the functions will not be used for ad insertion. These functions only work when you are actually in optimizer mode.

Channel & Adsense ID for Adtypes: Here you can define different Adsense Channels and/or Publisher IDs for every Adtype. This can be useful for better control which ads have which income, or for revenue sharing between more authors.

Only use in articles which contain <!–adsenseopt–> tag: This is more for testing. HTML comments have to be added in HTML view, not with visual editor! Only affects single pages.

Don't show ads on static pages: Insertion is only for single blog posts, not for static pages. If you only want to omit specific pages, you better ad the <!–noad–> tag on these pages.

Don't show ads on these pages: Different multiple pagetypes can be omitted from ad insertion.

make direct battle: The direct battle gives you the possibility to compare the income of you different adtypes. If you only want to insert ads, just ignore this. If you want to get out the most of your blog, check the optimization page for details.

adtest=on for admin: When you are logged in as admin, adtest=on is added to the ad code. In that case pageimpressions and clicks are not counted by adsense. This avoids unintentional clicks.

adsection tag: This feature ads the google adsection tag to the content of the post. This might produce ads that are more relevant to the post. If you have keywords in your sidebars etc. that you consder to be useful for ad selection, uncheck this.