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I do not see the channels in my Adsense Report?

You cannot create the channels in Adsenseoptimizer! You have to create the channels in your Adsense Setup and then transfer the IDs of the channels to Adsenseoptimizer.

How do i insert an ad in footer/header etc.

If the part is widgetized (usually only sidebars!) you can simply drag and drop the adsense widget in the Design/Widgets Menu in Worpdpress Admin Panel. For all other parts you have to edit the theme. Just add this line in teh relevant part.

if (function_exists("adopt")) adopt(5);

The 5 in the adopt function is the visual Type of the ad, which you set in the yellow part of the Adsenseoptimizer Settings.

I do not find my ads in the "Manage Ads" area of Adsense ?

Adsenseoptimizer creates the google adcode by itself. It is not necessary to create these ads first in Adsense Admin. Just fill in your publisher ID and Channelnumbers (optimional), Adsenseoptimizer does the rest.