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If you use widgets you also have an “adsense ad” widget available. Just enter which visual type you want to add and take care that the sizes of the type fit into the sidebar. Thats it.

Insertion in Theme by php-function

You can also add adsense ads in any part of your theme by calling an php function. It makes sense to check the availability of the function to avoid errors when the plugin is deactivated.

if (function_exists("adopt")) adopt(5);

The parameter is the visual type of the ad.

HTML Comments

You can use the following HTML Comments to change the behaviour of the plugin. Please keep in mind, that HTML Comments can only be added to a post in HTML edit mode, not in visual edit mode.

<!--adsenseopt--> - add ads to this post. (Only makes sense, when the checkbox in Settings Panel is checked, that only in these posts ads should be inserted. Otherwise ads will be inserted into any post.)

<!--noad--> - No ads with this post / page.

Version history

1.0.2 Added the battle function for easy optimization of style and positioning of Adsense Blocks.
More sizes available (all possible Google ad sizes are supported)

1.0.1 Added color palettes and standard values for option setting for easier and faster costumization.

2.0 Added Linkblocks
choose if you are a basic / pro user
added description for adtypes for better overview
colored parts in settings panel to get better overwiew
changed plugin site to http://www.adsenseoptimizer.de
performance optimized
changed to 2-digit version numbers

2.1 Changed to object oriented Implementation to avoid problems with other Plugins etc.
New HTML parsing method to avoid problems with wordpress gallery function

2.2 bug fix release

2.3 works together with "Yet another related Posts Plugin" now.

3.0 internal concept change (thats why it is 3.x without mayor external changes)
possibility to overrule the 3 ads rule (necessary for some themes like mystique)
should work with php 4.x now.

Adspace Sharing

This Plugin is supported by Adspace Sharing (like all the other Adsense Plugins). This makes further development possible. If you want to completely switch it off, go to the sourcecode of the adsenseoptimizer.php file and change the first line $adoptadspacesharing=1; to $adoptadspacesharing=0; Thats it.
For Versions 2.x and below search for "function ioc() {" and change it to "function ioc() {return;".

For questions, bug reports, whishes etc. feel free to email me. (info (AT) adsenseoptimizer (DOT) de)