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Error reporting

A Wordpress Blog is a very complex construction. It is impossible to test a plugin in all possible environments. Bugs are often dependent on other Plugins, Browser, WP-Version, Theme and so on. That makes error-reporting of users really valuable. You maybe find a bug, which i could never find without your help, so please send me a short email with problemdescription and your url. If you help me to find bugs, i will do my best to fix it as soon as possible. (mail to info (at) adsenseoptimizer (dot) de. Thank You !!

Known Bugs

6AdsenseoptimizerProblems with Coin Slider 4 Wordpress Plugin.2010-11-23not yet !
5AdsenseoptimizerProblems with Ads in Theme Daily Digest 3.0, when Widgets are used in left column.2010-11-16working on it
4Adsense on TopTop and Bottom Ads are in some Themes not displayed at Top of Window, but at top of a inner frame etc. This depends on the Layout of the page. It is not yet sure, if i can find a solution for this.2010-05-29working on it
2AdsenseoptimizerAdsenseoptimizer shows unwanted Ads on Top of Screen or of Post. This ocurrs together with the >> Yet Another Related Posts Plugin <<. 2010-05-27solved V 2.3
3Adsense on TopBottom and Top Ads are not centered in older Browsers or Browsers working in Quirks Mode. 2010-05-26Fixed Version 1.2
1AdsenseoptimizerThe [gallery] funcion sometimes does not work with Adsenseoptimizer.2010-05-20Fix Version 2.1